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April 1, 2017

Tonight, was a Headshot shoot with this cutie. I get the privilege of coaching her every week, and watching her grow. 


Which is perfect- because this "blography" post is about growth. I was inspired to try something new, today- and branch out. Well... actually, something old. 


I used to use cut-up water bottles for photography, in high-school. Why? because i had no money for cool new lenses, or fancy filters. 


Now-a-days i can afford to slowly (very slowly) invest in my craft. However, that should not negate the art of choosing simple tricks- perhaps, techniques that were developed out of youthful ingenuity. Tools that aren't shiny and new, can be just as effective in accomplishing any goal- and sometimes, produce a more unique outcome. The practice of implementing these smaller tools, forces creatives (and in a broader sense, all of us) outside of our easy three-click fixes.


Sometimes growth isn't about up-scaling your tools, it's about scaling back to your original techniques of worth. Growth is not just advancing- growth requires commitment to the simple. 


How to:

Find empty colored water bottles (clear is fine too, but colored shows up better)

Cut 1/3 of it off, as well as the cap/head (you can cut shapes into the sides too- for specific effects)

Hold in front of lens while you shoot through (try shooting through both the wide and narrow ends- move it all around!)


The top trick with this hack- is to make sure you move around. If the bottle doesn't "work" in a certain light- keep trying. Vary in backgrounds, foregrounds, depth to subject, light source... everything!



























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