the thing about Justin...

February 28, 2017



Here's the thing about my middle brother.


He is charm incarnate. 


He has been, since he was a little boy. In public, he would stop people in their tracks with his cheeky grin and sparkling blue eyes. At home, he would tear through our house in a diaper- with a silky nightgown tied around his neck as a cape. He would grab a cowboy hat, anything resembling a guitar and be Naked Guitar- Man, The Superhero. He wrote smash hits. I'm fairly sure his four-year old self invented the dab, nae-nae, and pretty much any other current dance fad- it was just too far ahead of it's time. 


He's so incredibly interesting to watch.


He used to be interesting to watch in like a "i'm fairly certain i'm witnessing a train-wreck" kind of way. Like, "oh dear... this boy is either insanely talented or shockingly brash.... probably both."- his rashness, boldness, his quick mouth and painfully truthful jokes... very difficult to ignore. You just kind of never wanted to look away... he was too engaging. Too unique of a voice, to drown out. 


I couldn't be more thankful to say that now, at eighteen years old... he's as bold as he ever was, with a unwavering amount of dedication to creative direction. He's wise, thoughtful and kind. His painful honesty is still in tact, but with so much tempering and with unprecedented loyalty attached to it. He loves fiercely.


Christ has brought every likable, terrifying thing about this kid with a huge personality and soft heart... to a big stage. 


He's literally (not figuratively) taking over the Musical Theatre scene in Atlanta, and continues to pursue inspiring people to tell good stories. 


Proud doesn't cover it, brother. 


*ps. if you think this "model face" and persona came around post-instagram era... you'd be wrong. This smolder has had an eighteen year life of it's own. 









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