Taking yet another pass at my pride.

January 28, 2017


Well, here i am. Starting the thing i said i would never do. 


I'm going to blog. For real this time- and not like the Tumblr i made when i was fourteen. (don't go looking for that- i promise it's not worth your energy)


....maybe if i type the words "going to blog" enough- it will actually settle into reality.  


I have titles, entries, photos, and soap-box's just waiting in the wings, yet i've delayed... why? I'll share a common secret with you. ENFP's just want to be the most original thing you've ever encountered- at least this one does. I am the worst culprit of hipster-syndrome. 


So here i go, laying down the pride of wanting to be more beautiful and unique than all the beautifully unique people in my one-of-a-kind life.


This blog will be about many things, i presume- as i am stunningly ADD with structures. If you want to know if this blog is one you'd want to follow... here are the topics i already know i am passionate about. (but don't write me off, either... ENFP's hate that)



Family dynamics.



Worship - music and industry. 

Children and youth.

Promoting beauty. 

Social topics.


Politics. (maybe, if i can summon the courage)

Myers Briggs personality types.

Generally calling crap, when i see it. 


Culture at large, and in isolated Christian spheres.



So, Jesus. Let me be one of many, who give life and color and beauty, in a black-and-white world... where they are convinced they see in color. All i do and say, is for the purpose of sharing your world and your ideas- with your world and your idea's. 



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