Thanks for taking a few media-minutes to visit my website. If you're interested in learning more about me, read on. If you're not, go about your day, and be blessed. 


My name is Jessie. I'm a simple, complex,  family-freak ENFP (self pro-claimed "I") from Atlanta Ga, with a vagabond spirit, and dreamers head- filled with ideas. I would describe myself thus...

Chaser of all things truly beautiful

Lover of all things beautifully true

I'm living a young married's life with my gloriously fair-minded husband, who is the fixer-of-all-things and the compass for my ship. We live several minutes up the road from my crazy huge, farm-wanna-be family. They are all leaders in their own spheres... some having graced stages in front of huge crowds (and plan on doing more of that)... one, joyfully content to climb massive trees and wield a bow-and-arrow. (these hooligans may occasionally be a face you come to recognize in my photo's, or a voice you learn through my blog)

I've been tremendously blessed with a vast network of talented, passionate, leadership-oriented Christ-lovers. I am currently involved in weekly worship leading, while nurturing my inner calling to song-write full time for worship ministry. I also photograph the daily graces, and share my conversations with Jesus through occasional blogging. He is the reason for everything. He is my heart-beat. 

I can be contacted for various bookings below.

(photographer / worship leader / song-writer / rambler)